Florida Stucco Pool and Patio Deck Finishes

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Pool and Patio Deck Finishes
Due to variations in thickness of base coats, surface texture, weather, and method of application, the colors may vary in depth. Depending on color preference and style of texture, actual material samples should be requested and studied for final selection of finish, color and texture.
A colored plaster finish material for pool decks, patios, spas and walkways. Available in white and 8 colors - can be dash applied or trowel textured to give the homeowner/builder a mechanically sound and aesthetically pleasing decorative finish.


Use: Designed specifically for use around pool decks, patios, spas and walkways. Packaged in 80 lb. bags this finish plaster requires only the addition of 2.5 gallons of clean, potable water at the jobsite - no other materials need be added. Coverage is 4-6 square yards per bag at a thickness of 1/4" to 3/8".

Jobsite Procedures

Surface must be in rough condition - brooming is recommended. Deck area should be pressure washed and/or acid washed depending on severity of dirt, oil, grease, etc. accumulations. This material is not suitable for application over existing epoxy Chattahoochee. Bonding agent must be used over existing cement based deck finish to ensure proper mechanical "key" bond. Check for hollow areas and remove as necessary.

Best results are obtained with a standard power-mixing machine. Add 2.5 gallons of water per 80 lb. bag of material. Use of a measuring pail is highly recommended. Do not add water to material from a hose. Mix 12-15 minutes per batch.

Add Pearl Finish to water. Approximately 1.5 - 1.75 gallons of clean potable water can be used to bring the mix to a lump-free consistency. Allow the material to mix for 10 - 12 minutes to provide best workability. Addition of other materials is not necessary; Pearl Finish is a complete product.

Apply with a hand trowel to a thickness of 1/4" to 3/8". Allow for adequate take up before either dash or stipple finish is accomplished. Complete whole sections at one time and finish to natural breaks to eliminate joining marks. Patterned or randomly cut designs can be accomplished while the material is in a plastic state.

Lightly fog the deck surface for several days after application. This procedure allows the deck finish to dry with color uniformity and a crack free appearance.

The material used in the manufacture of Pool & Patio Deck complies with ASTM Designation C926-86 for Portland cement based plaster. Qualified mechanics that adhere to the professional plastering standards of the industry are necessary for a successful application of this finish plaster.

Florida Pool & Patio Deck Finish is manufactured in accordance with strict in-plant quality control procedures. Such adherence to quality standards is a valuable Florida Stucco asset, which allows the architect and contractor to specify our factory blended deck finish and related plaster products with confidence.

Rendering of technical assistance can be accomplished by telephoning Florida Stucco Corp. at 561.487.1301 or 1302.

Florida Pool & Patio Deck Finish is distributed within the State of Florida through leading building supply dealers. Distribution of plaster products to points outside the State of Florida is accomplished on a direct shipping basis. Further information regarding distribution can be obtained by contacting Florida Stucco Corp., 800.334.5134, or by visiting our Contact Us page.