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FiberCote is a blend of portland cement, a small quantity of silica, alkali-resistant fibers, and proprietary additives and is packaged in 94 lb. moisture-resistant bags.

As a high quality finish plaster, Florida Fibercote can be used as a direct substitute for portland cement plaster and finish stuccos. Under job site conditions, the addition of 28-32 #2 shovels (approximately 4 cubic feet) of masonry sand and potable water are necessary for application.
Please consult local building codes for minimum thickness of plaster on walls - the maximum recommended thickness for this product is 3/4 inch. The inherent advantages of this product when compared to regular finish stuccos are: 1. Application of base and finish coats can be accomplished in one day. 2. Due to the fiber-reinforcement plastic shrinkage cracks and crazing are minimized, resulting in higher flexural and tensile strengths. 3. Maximum Savings - at 3/8" application, approximately 2 bags of Fibercote are equivalent to 4 bags of masonry or stucco cement. This comparison assumes the use of 28-32 shovels of sand per each 94 lb. bag of Fibercote.

Coverage with 30 shovels of sand per each 94 lb. bag is 10-13 square yards at 3/8" thickness.

Masonry sand must comply with ASTM C-897. Florida Fibercote complies with the specification standards stated in ASTM C926 and ANSI A42.2-1971.

Florida Pool & Patio Deck Finish is distributed within the State of Florida through leading building supply dealers. Distribution of plaster products to points outside the State of Florida is accomplished on a direct shipping basis. Further information regarding distribution can be obtained by contacting Florida Stucco Corp., 800.334.5134, or by visiting our Contact Us page.