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MarbleCote is a 100% marble aggregate based stucco finish that is specifically manufactured to yield a lasting color finish over any properly prepared portland cement base. Marblecote is composed of white portland cement, white marble aggregate, fade resistant pigments, a water-repelling agent and other selected materials that combine to yield a spectrum of attractive colors.

A. Florida Marblecote can be applied over a scratch and base coat of portland cement and lime or portland cement and masonry cement. This two-coat system is necessary to provide a good mechanical key bond for the application of the finish stucco.
B. Allow the scratch and brown coats to cure a minimum of 24 hours before application of the finish coat.
C. Any previously painted or stuccoed surface must be sandblasted and cleaned. A scratch coat should be appliedover the existing surface after sandblasting. All surfaces to be stuccoed must be free of foreign particles. e.g., grease, oil, loose paint, dirt, dust, tar.

Use approximately 2.5 gallons of clean, potable water per 80 lb. bag of Florida Marblecote. Use of a measuring pail is recommended - DO NOT ADD WATER TO THE MATERIAL FROM A HOSE. For the best results, a standard mixing machine should be utilized to mix Marblecote and water. Mixing water and Marblecote for at least 15 minutes will yield the best plasticity. Do not re-temper the material in the mixing machine or on the plasterboard. This will cause color variation.

A. Begin finish coat application on a side of the building, which is not facing directly into the sun. Stay in the shaded part of the building until it is complete. On dry and/or windy days, fogging is recommended to keep the finish coat damp. This procedure helps to eliminate cracking and crazing. Covering the finish coat where strong wind conditions prevail is recommended to prevent rapid curing.
B. It is best not to stop finish coat application on an expanse once it has commenced. However, if conditions warrant, apply the finish coat to a natural break to prevent joints from being apparent.
C. Apply to a thickness of 1/8". It is imperative that all journeymen use similar texturing methods when texturing with Florida Stucco.
D. With floated finishes, a minimum amount of water is to be used. Do not overtrowel. This will bring the fine materials to the surface.
E. Do not apply stucco material when temperatures are 40 Degrees Fahrenheit or below.

Our recommended specifications for the application of Florida Marblecote are as follows:
Apply in a scratch coat, a base coat and a finish coat. The three coats should be approximately 5/8" thick. The scratch and base coats constitute approximately 1/2" of the total thickness while the finish coat should be no more than 1/8" thick.
When bonding agent is applied to a poured concrete surface, the application of Florida Marblecote should not exceed 1/8" in thickness. The finish coat must be kept damp for a period of 48 hours after application to assure maximum hardness.
Florida Marblecote, like any colored cement, has a tendency to check-crack when applied in excess of the recommended thickness.

Florida Marblecote is to be applied in a tight coat by trowel over a base that is floated, level and has even suction. Next, allow for adequate "take-up". A second coat of Florida Marblecote should be sprayed over the first coat to yield the desired texture. Total recommended thickness is 1/8" to 3/16". It is very important to not spray too heavily in one area. Light applications of sprayed Florida Marblecote are more desirable, working the unbroken areas in one operation. To acquire evenness in color and texture, the spray nozzle must be held at the same distance and moved with a steady, even stroke building to the desired thickness. Watered-down mixes must not be used as this can cause Florida Marblecote to separate and yield such problems as: cracking, discoloration, shrinkage, lower strengths, crazing, dropouts, glazing and slow take-up.
Evenness of finish and color depend on watchful control of equal batch to batch additions of material and water. When a large spray machine is used, caution must be exercised to insure there is no separation of water and materials.

Yield is 5-7 square yards per 80 lb. bag.

CAUTION: Discoloration and/or color variation is more evident with the darker colors. In particular, floated finishes that utilize darker colors are more susceptible to color variation. Florida Stucco Corporation does not recommend the use of dark colors for floated finishes. However, if a project specifies a floated finish, lighter colors should be used.
With more than one journeyman working on an elevation, all must be instructed to utilize the same floating and texturing technique and the same type of float. When properly applied, dash and hand textured coats yield a more even color than spray application.

All Materials utilized in manufacturing Florida Marblecote comply with the specification standard stated in ANSI A 42.2-1971 and ASTM C926-81 for stucco.

This product is portland cement and lime based and can cause skin or eye irritation. Any skin or eye contact with this product.

Florida Pool & Patio Deck Finish is distributed within the State of Florida through leading building supply dealers. Distribution of plaster products to points outside the State of Florida is accomplished on a direct shipping basis. Further information regarding distribution can be obtained by contacting Florida Stucco Corp., 800.334.5134, or by visiting our Contact Us page.